Cheating Out – Where not to be Seen


All around London, the city’s most lecherous Lotharios and scarlet harlots are having their cake and eating it.  But only the skilled, most get caught: a catalogue of schoolboy errors usually to blame.  Supper in the Dean Street Townhouse, not-so-covert snogging in Embargos – all a big no-no. As our flirtatious Soho friend candidly puts it, people are Tindering ‘left right and centre’.

FIXR set off to find out the tricks of the trade.

Everybody knows everybody in London, at least, it sometimes feels like that.  Social networks are as extensive and closely linked as its Tube lines.  And Instagram means there’s no denying your misdemeanours.  Avoiding chance meetings with friends (or friends of friends, or friends of friends of friends…) is near-on impossible.  Short of slinking around behind pot plants in a mac, it would seems there is nothing the unfaithful Londoner can do to evade capture.  You’d be forgiven for thinking an affair is doomed to remain in the imagination, or at least in second-rate B&Bs in Croydon.

But think again, it can be done.

Anywhere ‘in’ is deeply dangerous and so a cursory glance at Facebook invites and Time Out suggestions will give you a clue of where to steer well clear of.  Also, anywhere billed as ‘romantic’ (let’s not be too obvious), anywhere you would consider yourself a regular, and anywhere the paparazzi haunts.  The Box or Chiltern Firehouse?  Forget about it.  Unless you fancy getting caught red-handed by the world and his wife (or yours), you need to get original.  Bid a temporary goodbye to public transport and chic Soho bars and branch out in the name of love (read lust).

Hotel restaurants are a favourite amongst well-versed Casanovas.  Apart from the obvious bonus of nearby rooms, many of them are real hidden gems that are overlooked by the casual London diner.  Take Bistro One Ninety at The Gore, in Kensington.  One friend of FIXR (who shall remain nameless or that will be the end of her two year relationship – naughty) swears by its spacious and elegantly minimalist setting.  Never too full, it’s a calming antidote for all the frenzied hiding of extra-matrimonial activities.  Or head to The Colony Grill in Mayfair’s The Beaumont; its art deco décor wouldn’t be amiss on a James Bond set.

In a hotel restaurant, the bedroom above hangs over the mood of the table, creating a subtle suspense that can give an adulterous night even more of a spark.  Yet the location leaves no question of where the night could climax.  No need for spontaneity, we all know what’s going to happen next.

Another friend of FIXR, you know who you are, felt that her relationship was edging towards the inevitable supper ‘n’ screw formula.  After a brief moment of despair, she went looking for more excitement.  She headed away from the well-trodden path of hotel sex, towards stand-alone restaurants.  And although the King’s Road may seem a foolhardy choice for those seeking discretion, the bunk beds in the At the Jam create an atmosphere intimate enough for lovers.  It allows seclusion despite the comings and goings of the Chelsea masses below.

And it turns out nightclubs aren’t such bad places for clandestine clinches after all.  They’re dark, you can lose yourself easily in the crowd and loud enough that you can always just mumble an excuse and play dumb.  Check out Mode in Ladbroke Grove.  Just keep the snogging to one of the secluded booths on the top floor.  And always have an escape route.  And if you’re really on your game, jump on a train to Brighton and take your date to the aptly named Shooshh.  If things go well you can sneak into one of the many hotels on the seafront.

If the excuses are wearing thin, and the numbers of evenings you had to ‘stay late at work’ is becoming silly, there is always the option of an afternoon rendezvous, during which most prying eyes will be shut up in the office.  Afternoon tea may seem staid, but don’t be fooled.  There’s nothing like being terribly prim and proper to induce bodice-ripping passion.

For the ultra-paranoid, Dans Le Noir, is the place to go.  Punters munch away under a blanket of total darkness.  You may not be able to see your gorgeous date, but footsy could be just the start of it.  The possibilities are endless.  Not that FIXR thinks any of this is a good idea.  We wouldn’t dream of it….

Hangover Cures

The dreaded hangover – a few alternative cures

For centuries people have been coming up with new ways of attempting to cure that extra treat at the end of a big night out – the hangover! We’ve all been there – waking up after a heavy night of drinking and wanting nothing more than to curl up in bed watching TV and eating junk food. Unfortunately, we often have to get on with our lives while suffering and therefore need some extra help getting through the day. Here are a few slightly more alternative tips than the usual paracetamol, coffee and greasy spoon to help deal with your hangover and see you through.


Drinking large quantities of alcohol greatly reduces your blood sugar levels causing you to feel tired, dizzy, anxious and disorientated. Eating sugary foods is an option although this is likely to make you feel nauseous. Crackers ensure that your blood sugar levels increase without filling you up on sugary or greasy foods that make your hangover worse.

Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle is a popular hangover cure due to its uses as a natural liver medication, and also helps with indigestion and stomach irritation. Milk Thistle can be taken in tablet form before and after a night out, is relatively cheap and easy to get hold of, and helps with feelings of nausea.

Ginger Root

Ginger is perfect to counter the feeling of sickness that often come with a hangover. If you are feeling sick, the most convenient method to consume ginger is to drink ginger ale. Failing that, ginger tea can be made from slicing root ginger and boiling in water with honey and lemon added for extra flavour.


Chlorella is a green algae in tablet form that can be taken before or after drinking. The Chlorella binds itself to the toxins in your body thus encouraging their removal. Chlorella also contains vitamins, most notably B1 and B6 which become depleted when alcohol is consumed.

Morning After-Herb Draught

Morning After-Herb Draught is the first natural tea that is designed specifically to nurse the effects of a hangover. The tea contains a blend of lavender, fennel seed and ginger root. These help fight the symptoms of nausea and dizziness whilst rehydrating and refreshing you.

Soccer - World Cup Spain 1982 - Group C - Brazil v Italy - Sarria Stadium

World Cup Clubbing!

With Brazil’s World Cup party finally upon us, football fans find themselves daring to dream once more. But even if your team doesn’t go all the way – and let’s face it, they won’t – it’s going to be a tournament to remember! And as so many matches are on in the evening, you’re going to need to balance your football watching with going out. Here are some great venues across London to enjoy the World Cup and continue the party, win, lose or draw!



Proud will be showing the England game on Saturday along with many other games throughout the tournament. Games will be shown in the club’s stables as well as on their terrace. After the game on Saturday, the Polo night will continue as normal with DJs playing: House, RnB and Funk.


Catch the England game this Saturday at Koko in Camden, with free entry starting at around 10pm. After the game, DJ Soul Boy Mystic (This Feeling) will be playing a set of Indie/Rock and Roll music until late.


Ministry of Sound

England’s opening game will also be shown at Ministry of Sound. The newly refurbished heated courtyard, fitted with a giant LED screen and featuring an outside bar, hog roast and music will open at 10pm ready for kick-off. The main club opens at 11pm and, as always, delivers quality dance music from internationally acclaimed DJs until 7am.

Bunga Bunga

All of the world cup games will be shown on a big screen during the tournament. The venue, named after former Italian Prime Minister’s debauched parties will be fully kitted out in Italian colours. Italian food will be served throughout the games with plenty of drinks deals to keep fans happy. This one could be an interesting venue on Saturday 14th June for England’s opening game against Italy!



Saturday 14th June is England’s opening game against Italy. McQueen kicks things off from 8pm where DJs will entertain you with comes choice funky house until 11pm when the music is turned off and the football take over. After the game, special guest DJ Gareth Cooke from Ministry of Sound will continue the party into the small hours.

Rhythm Factory

Rhythm Factory will be putting on the majority of World Cup games at their front bar with drinks deals including Cocktail Jugs for £10 as well as 4 beer bottles for £10. For England’s opening game against Italy, the football will be followed by the Faceless 1st birthday party featuring Silky from New York and London based Barber. Playing the very best in House and Techno up until 6am, fans will have plenty of time to forget about the football and enjoy the music!

Queen of Hoxton

With Soccer AM DJs and a mix of Indie and Rock music, Queen of Hoxton will be a great place to watch England’s opening game. Fancy pushing the boat out? Book an area for you and your friends which for £50 pp includes a four hour open bar serving beer and wine, food before kick-off and tickets to the remaining bars at Queen of Hoxton post match. If this doesn’t take your fancy, pre-sale tickets start at £5 and go up to £9 after 10pm.


Bodo’s Schloss

If you are based further west, Bodo’s Schloss will be showing the majority of the World Cup games and is available to hire for certain matches. England’s opening game on Saturday night will be followed by their usual summer alpine themed party. With cool drinks ideas such as the ‘Ski Boot’ and good Alpine-themed food, this is where the sun officially meets the slopes!


Roxx are showing the England vs. Uruguay game on Thursday the 19th June on their big screen. Drinking games have been planned for the occasion and the venue will be open from 6pm for those needing a decent warm-up before kick-off! After the football has finished the DMC ROXX night will be taking place as per usual.

Embargo 59

Embargo 59 will also be showing the England vs. Uruguay game.  The game will be shown on a big screen and there will be food on the terrace. With the weather hotting up, Embargo 59’s impressive terrace should be the perfect place to enjoy a drink and some football. Tables are available for the occasion as well as individual tickets.


Mykonos – an insider’s guide

Since the 1960s Mykonos has carried the reputation as the party island of Greece. It attracts thousands of visitors each year seeking a good time among the island’s plentiful clubs, beaches and restaurants. However, there are some places in Mykonos that often go unnoticed – the hidden gems that aren’t published in the guidebooks but are definitely worth checking out.


Kapari is one of Mykonos’ most beautiful beaches. It is a quiet beach set in a serene bay with incredibly clear water, sheltered from the often volatile winds of the island. Kapari is situated on the West Coast of the island near to a beach called Agios Ioannis. A car will get you close, but full access requires an extremely treacherous and relatively long walk down a rocky path. At the end of it however, you will be confronted with the most peaceful and picturesque beach on the island.


Katrin Restaurant in the heart of Mykonos town is one of the island’s best kept secrets. The restaurant is family owned and serves Greek food with a hint of French cuisine in some of their dishes. It is situated in one of the many back-streets of Mykonos town and is nearly impossible to find, so you’ll likely need to find a friendly local willing to share its location!

Beach Club

Solymar, located on Kalo Livadi beach, is a beach club that has to be visited by anyone going to Mykonos. It has a large array of beds to soak up the sun during the morning and a high quality Italian restaurant for lunch thereafter. After lunch the music gradually starts to get louder and there is often a day party taking place from 5pm until around 9pm. This is a vibrant destination full of young people enjoying themselves, but without some of the more ostentatious displays to be found in other beach clubs across Europe.




After hours clubbing in London

With licensing laws across London getting stricter, nightspots are closing earlier and earlier. When the lights come up at 2am and the crowd begins to make their way home, you sometimes get the feeling the night had only just begun. Now, thanks to a variety of increasingly popular ‘after hours’ clubs, the party is handed a new lease of life and can continue long into the morning.

If this sounds like your thing, why not check out one of the below and take your night that little bit further?

APM (Always Past Midnight) at Zinc

APM is a new club situated at Zinc, located on the 31st floor of 103 New Oxford Street and provides stunning views across the whole of London. The club opens at 2.30am and closes at 7am, offering extravagant interior design, a fine selection of house DJs and a four course breakfast tasting menu created by Four Magazine. Watching the sun rise over London while listening to the very latest in contemporary house music, with a cocktail and breakfast in hand is an experience not be missed!

Oval Space

Oval Space in Bethnal Green is a multi-faceted venue combining a warehouse loft space, events room, gallery and outdoor terraces. It has a variety of events taking place including a craft beer festival throughout August, as well as numerous art exhibitions and live music performances. For the late night crowd, Oval Space offers up some choice club nights every month, with the likes of Lovebox and Secretsundaze on the bill over the summer.


Located in Vauxhall, Union is open every night of the week and typically gets going from 01:00, with the party running until 09:00 and beyond. Union runs a variety of different nights catering to all crowds and genres of music. Their most notorious night is ‘Glamorous Mondays’ which kicks off at 3am and serves up deep house and techno until 11am…the perfect start to the working day!


Situated in the heart of Fitzrovia, Beat, now an established members club offers those with a generous budget and taste for luxury a neatly located after hours option. Open until 6:30am, the interior consists of combines striped back walls with both contemporary and classical art. Drinks are expensive and tables hard to secure, but for a special occasion Beat is the destination of choice.

Frank’s Campari Bar

Re-opening on Friday 6th June, this Peckham institution is London’s largest rooftop bar. With no official closing time, great views across London and a different food menu each week, this is a fine destination to grab a drink and watch the sunrise. Expect to hear to a wide variety of music ranging from orchestral to techno, grime and house.


Late Night Food In London

Ever wondered if there’s more to late night food in London than greasy burgers or the local kebab shop? In anticipation of London’s upcoming 24 hour tube service, we’ve put together our favourite late night eateries in the capital. Why not check one out after your next clubbing adventure?

Duck and Waffle, Bishopsgate, EC2N 4AY

Duck and Waffle, the UK’s highest restaurant, provides not only spectacular food around the clock, such as BBQ spiced crispy pig ears and spicy ox cheek doughnuts, but also stunning panoramic views of London. The journey up to the restaurant also boasts the fastest lift in London.

Bar Italia, Soho, W1D 4RF

Bar Italia, based in Soho, first opened its doors in 1949 and is now famous for its authentic Italian coffee. It’s the atmosphere of Bar Italia, not the quality of the food, which has gained the café its popularity and reputation. The café is also known to be a great site for some celebrity spotting.

Brick Lane Beigel Bake, Brick Lane, E1 6SB

Brick Lane Beigel Bake, though a take-away shop, is renowned for its low cost, fresh bagels served 24/7. With bagel prices ranging from 25p for plain to £3.30 for the signature meaty salt beef bagel, the place is packed in the early hours of the morning, with crowds ranging from clubbers to taxi drivers.

Polo Bar, Bishopsgate, EC2M 4NQ

Polo Bar, situated just across from Liverpool Street, with its traditional British food and 24 hour breakfast is a favourite for both city workers heading to the office and party-goers finishing their night. The family run business offers a range of British cuisine at great prices.

Vingt-Quatre, Chelsea, SW10 9QL

Vingt-Quatre, located on the Fulham Road, is the oldest 24 hour restaurant in London and has a 24 hour alcohol licence to match. With a special ‘Night Menu’ served from 11pm-7am, diners are provided with a fine selection of meals ranging from muesli or a full English breakfast, to grilled salmon or spaghetti with meatballs.


New Year, New Clubbing Destination

Happy New Year!

The cold January weather will no doubt be making a number of you think about escaping somewhere warm! We all know Ibiza takes some beating, but if you fancy a change for your 2014 holidays, we’ve picked out some other great clubbing destinations from around the world.

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, commonly nicknamed “the city that never stops”, is crammed with pubs, beach-front bars and cocktail venues serving as a warm-up to the indoor nightclubs and underground venues where you can dance until dawn. Tel Aviv is also known to be the most gay-friendly city in the Middle East.


Behind the beautiful architecture of Amsterdam lies a city of sin. From the famous café culture to the busy streets of the Red Light District, Amsterdam is no ordinary city. Focused primarily on adult-only entertainment, it’s no wonder Amsterdam and its relaxed laws attract millions of tourists each year from across the world.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is home to the world’s largest annual carnival attracting more than 500,000 foreign visitors over five days of festivities. Throughout the rest of the year, Rio maintains a vibrant nightlife scene, with all-night drinking and dancing taking place along the waterfront bars and clubs.


Istanbul has recently exploded onto the European nightlife scene as a growing party city. At night, Istanbul’s population descend on the Beyoglu district for the diverse array of bars and clubs. From rooftop bars and jazz cafes to traditional Turkish folk venues and trendy dance clubs, there is something for everyone.


In the past few years, Croatia has become home to some of Europe’s most popular dance music festivals. With its warm weather, beautiful waters, affordable prices and festivals running throughout the summer, Croatia has become one of the trendiest global clubbing destinations.


Christmas Cheer

We’re gearing up for Christmas here in the FIXR office and thought we’d share some fun festive facts for you to mull over.

  1. The world’s largest and biggest Christmas present is the Statue of Liberty. France left it under America’s tree in 1886.
  2. In 1647, The English Parliament passed a law that made Christmas illegal. Anyone caught celebrating would be immediately arrested.
  3. Your Christmas tree is not only a lovely way to decorate your home, it’s also edible. Pine needles are said to have a minty, fresh taste and are rich in vitamins A and C. So probably the perfect Christmas hangover cure!
  4. The tallest snowman ever built was in Maine, USA in 2008. At 122 feet and 1 inch, it was actually a snow-woman.
  5. Father Christmas has to deliver presents to over 1.6 billion children, consuming on his way over 40,000 tonnes of minced pies as well as a fair few glasses of sherry.

Twitter Competition!

FIXR has teamed up with global club brand Pacha to offer an amazing £1,000 of Christmas clubbing prizes. For your chance to win, simply follow @fixr_app and @PachaLondonUK on Twitter and retweet the official competition post. It really is that easy! Two lucky people will each win a VIP table for the Café Mambo Christmas Party held at Pacha London on 7th December 2013, complete with free entry for up to six guests and a complimentary bottle of champagne / spirit. 10 runner-up prizes of a pair of free tickets to the Café Mambo Christmas Party are also on offer. Winners will be chosen at random by FIXR and /or Pacha.

For more details click here

The competition closes at 3pm on 4th December so make sure you get your retweets in sharpish. Good luck!


Big Thanks!

As we approach the end of FIXR’s first month, we would like to say a huge thanks to the London clubs we’ve worked with so far: Pacha, Roxx, Paradise by way of Kensal Green, Village Underground, Rhythm Factory, McQueen, Ruski’s Tavern and Zigfrid von Underbelly.

We’ve had some great London clubbing events on the app to date and are very excited to be introducing more clubs and nightlife events in the coming weeks….just in time for the Christmas party season. Keep those eyes peeled!

Big love,